Why “To Be To Act”?

Who we are determines how we act. At the same time, how we act shapes who we become. It is a cycle that can be either virtuous or vicious, and the key for changing a vicious cycle into a virtuous one is to work on who we are, understand our identity and recognise our deepest values. My vocation as a coach is to help you create or accelerate that virtuous circle, and then to sustain it.

Executive coach, expert in sustainability and strategic decision making

After 23 years’ experience internationally in senior roles in the telecommunications sector, my passion today is to help individuals, teams and organisations – whether they be businesses or social enterprises – to develop themselves, their teams and their organisations, in a sustainable manner, in all senses of the term.

Individuals, focusing on performance that goes beyond hitting immediate operational objectives, by linking them to sustainable life goals and personal identity.

Teams, helping them to define a sustainable and resilient vision, and helping them make better decisions on the way to achieving their vision using my See-Think-Choose-Act decision framework (developed in my Doctorate Thesis).

Organisations, helping them to put sustainability at the heart of their strategy, using a practical model for putting sustainability at the heart of strategy in a profitable manner, based on my experience of rolling out the sustainability agenda in BT’s operations, and my reflections as I brought the roles of strategy and sustainability together.

As part of my contribution to creating a better society, I speak convincingly on sustainability at the heart of strategy, as shown by the fact that I was voted best speaker by 78% of the attendees at a recent conference on strategy organised by the IE (Innovation Entreprise)

  • I am a Senior Associate of Management Centre Europe based in Brussels.
  • I am a freelance consultant with Acre Bench, a consulting firm on sustainability based in London.

  • I am also a founding member of the jury for the French national “Performance and Quality” Book prize.

Track Record

Business Planning I managed the strategy and business planning for BT’s operations (12,000 people) from 2008-2012 and the strategy and business planning for BT’s Global Networks (3,000 people) from 2000-2004. My role in BT’s Global networks included defining key measures of success and tracking performance against plan with the balanced scorecard.
Sustainability and Social Responsibility In 2012, I added responsibility for the sustainability agenda to that of strategy and business planning for BT’s operations, and owned the roll-out of BT’s Better Future initiative for BT’s operations. Over and above these responsibilities, I also managed the volunteering efforts of BT’s operations (over 6,000 man days per year)—reflecting my commitment the social dimension of business.
Programme Management Between 2004 and 2008 I developed a strong track record in managing major strategic programmes, including two integrations, and the roll-out of BT’s sustainability programme “Better Future” in BT’s operations in 2012.
Quality Management As director of quality for BT Europe between 1997 and 2000, I enabled BT’s different joint ventures across Europe to have a common quality management agenda. I also performed internal and external EFQM assessments, and maintained ISO9001 certification.



With an MA in modern languages from Cambridge University, and an MSc (Telecoms Business) and a Doctorate (Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain Environment) from University College London, Masters’ degrees and a Doctorate, I bring keen insight into the areas I address.

As a certified coach and NLP Master Practitioner trained by Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, I bring keen listening skills and the tools to enable people to define what they want and to put in place what is needed to achieve their goals. As a certified practitioner of two personality inventory tools (Insights and Process Communication) I help individuals and teams better understand how they function.

I have lived in France since 1980 and am equally at ease in French or English.


Over a period of several months Guy intervened in the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce with a dual mission: to coach a senior manager of the team, and to review the events process. He first reviewed and clarified the events process, in particular roles and responsibilities, to enable the senior manager to delegate and free up time on personal development. Thanks to Guy’s coaching, the senior manager’s performance has significantly improved: her work is more structured, she prioritises and delegates more effectively , and has grown in the confidence she exhibits in board meetings.
Bob Lewis, President of Franco-Brisith Chamber of Commerce.